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Like most adults with ADHD, the day

I realized I was an ADHDer was the day my daughter’s kindergarten teacher suggested to me that she should get tested. That was my “aha” moment, when everything suddenly made sense. I finally understood why I had trouble staying on task, following directions correctly, even baking. Why I always felt so self-conscious about struggling to do the day-to-day stuff that my friends made look easy.

ADHD is inherited. I have it. My two daughters have it. We have educational supports in place for my kids and use therapy and medication to help manage our symptoms. Coaching has made the most tangible difference in our

lives. We have worked to build an ADHD friendly life. We have reduced or eliminated stressors, built new skills

that have become habits, and developed strategies that work for us. ADHD is something we will always have,

but it does not define us. We finally feel like “we’ve got this”.

Having seen how well it worked in our family, I knew I wanted to bring that same sense of calm and support to other families. Using my HR and recruiting background as a springboard, I became a Certified Professional Coach in 2018.

I then continued my coaching and ADHD education, so that I could offer both career and ADHD coaching services.

Whether you’re an adult with ADHD or parenting a child with ADHD, I can help you with the kind of support that enabled me to come to terms with how my brain works so that I can thrive in a neurotypical world.

I look forward to sharing your journey with you.


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"Hilary is able to help me see the essence of my situations and drives me to find creative solutions, whether it is challenging my view of the world, or implementing practical steps to help me improve a situation or to move closer to my goals. I generally feel more confident and at ease following a coaching session with Hilary."

Andrea M.