Preparing for success in a neurotypical world


You may have noticed your child struggle at home. Your teacher 

may have noticed your child struggling at school. However you

come to the realization, it is difficult to process initially. It can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start to best support

your child.

You may already have looked into educational supports, and

possibly therapy and medication. ADHD Coaching is also a

valuable tool in helping you to help your child. I can work with

you to create strategies for success, both at home and school,

so that you can see beyond the diagnosis.



I won't just give you a list of strategies and send you home. When you work with me, I am with you every step of the way. Every family is different and cookie cutter supports don't work for those of us with differently-wired brains. I will work closely with you to develop and perfect strategies that work for your family. Then I will stay with you until those strategies become habit. When you finally feel like you've got your life under control, we will do regular check-ins to make sure it stays that way.

The coaching relationship is just that -- a relationship. Not an appointment you make when things are spiraling out of control. We're in this together.



You are your child's best coach. Nobody knows your son or daughter better than you do. Nobody wants to see them succeed more than you. My role is not with your child, but with you. I will teach you to be the best possible coach to your child. I can't be there to support them in their everyday tasks and challenges, but you can. Together we will develop the strategies that will make them successful and you will implement those strategies at home. You are their cheerleader. I am yours.


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