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Learning to understand, forgive and accept yourself



Most adults come to the realization that they have ADHD when their child is first diagnosed. ADHD is genetic. Seeing our children struggle, many of us recognize our own symptoms in those of our child or children.


Most of us instinctively develop strategies over the years to get by, but we could be doing so much more. I can help move you from just getting by to thriving with ADHD.  


You may already have strategies like calendars and lists that help

you get through the day. Most adults with ADHD, feel ashamed

and inadequate when you see other people seeming to cope with the demands of everyday life much more easily.

I want you to do more than just get through the day. I will help you simplify your life, create strategies that work for you, and reduce or eliminate obstacles to living a successful life with ADHD. Together, we will build the skills and habits you need to thrive. This will allow you to finally accept and forgive yourself. 

From skill-building to intensive support to regular check-ins, I will be with you every step of the way.

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Most adults with ADHD feel like they're constantly playing catch-up at work. I can help you identify and enhance your strengths and build new skills. Over time, these become ingrained habits that can make you more productive at home and work. 

As a former recruiter, I seamlessly integrate career coaching into

my ADHD Coaching service. I firmly believe that the best accommodation for ADHD at work is finding the right job. So, if your current job is not aligned with your skills, values, and goals, I can help you find a career path that is.

“I reached out to Hilary after I’d been diagnosed with ADHD in my 40s. I was going through some major life changes and felt a strong desire to discover my full potential. Hilary has helped me to understand how my mind works and how to harness and reshape the chaos to work for me instead of weighing me down. She skillfully guides me in finding my own way. Hilary’s insight is amazing. She truly listens and is easy to relate to. There’s no doubt that coaching is an investment in oneself. Thanks to Hilary, after a lifetime of struggling to keep my head above water, not only am I swimming, but I embrace my uniqueness and love myself for it.” ~Lynette H